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sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 96: Erotic Poetry

A conversation with Nono The Poet about her erotic literature, using writing as a tool to cope with pain, sitting and dealing with negative thoughts and feelings, connecting with an audience of women of color through art [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 95: Ballet After Dark

A conversation with Tyde-Courtney of Ballet After Dark, a self care and dance company that caters to survivors of sexual assault. Points of conversation include: reconnecting with your physical body after sexual assault [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 94: We Ting

An interview with Soca Artist & Deejay, Debbie. Points of conversation include: Deejaying in the lesbian community, finding a queer Caribbean niche to play soca music for, being a woman rapper in the [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 93: Send Me the Cum Fight Video Plz

NYC extends paid sick leave to survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking, a film based on the life of bisexual boxer Emile Griffith, openly gay athletes we love, air pollution associated with abnormal sperm [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 92: Dearest Hoes

Being 20-something sucks, shitting where you eat, hidden baby mamas, mistaking intimacy for feelings, problematic guests, do your have sex while LARPing, an open gang bang casting call, issues asserting oneself & love languages [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 91: Animals Be Gay Tho

Plane is forced to land after husband is caught cheating, Germany to recognize and designate third gender on documents for intersex people, should gender even be on birth certificates, the new batch of open transgender  [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 90: Sex is Comedy

A conversation with a sex comedian, getting into comedy, when your jokes bomb, being a woman who openly discusses sex and sexuality, oppressive monogamy, “101 Ugly Penises,” the politically correct comedy debate [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 89: The Trade

Dating “the trade,” origins of the term “trade” in Gay slang and culture, the down-low community, “never tell the trade they’re the trade”, homosexual men seeking straight men, socioeconomics of the trade [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 88: Sex Ed

A conversation with a sex ed & health teacher from Maryland, Cleansing your space to remove traumatic cues, custom-made bespoke condoms, men not wiping their asses properly due to fear of being perceived as gay [...]

vibrators, dildos, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 87: Feelmore: Adult Gallery

“She’s Gotta Have It” the series coming to Netflix, sex orientation quiz, AI facial recognition gaydar study, Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature is outing sex workers, a conversation with the owner of Feelmore: Adult gallery [...]

sex love liberation, inner hoe uprising, podcast

Episode 86: A Sexuality Doula

Naked mirror admiration, Samantha the Sex Robot molested, teen moms in Ohio , Keyshia Ka'oir bathed Gucci Mane, House GOP uses Las Vegas tragedy to justify passing new anti-abortion bill, a conversation with a Sexuality Doula [...]

broken heart, alcohol, inner hoe uprising, podcast

Episode 85: Hungover Heartbroken Hoes

Don’t drink when you’re emotional,Hijra folks in India, the Stanford Prison Experiment, Hugh Hefner was a sexist, manipulative, abuser, Oxford student stabs her boyfriend [...]

flower, pretty boy, inner hoe uprising, podcast

Episode 84: Pretty Boy Ting

White Male MAGA student fails to get classmate and DACA recipient deported, #curagay, debunking conversion therapy, Albert Haynesworth, Domestic Violence towards men, Pretty Boys [...]

sexual assault, healing, victim, survivor, inner hoe uprising

Episode 83: Healing From Sexual Assault

Sex Robots can kill us in the future, Brian Austin Green’s remarks on his son who wears dresses, children and gendered clothing, Brock Turner defined as a rapist in Criminal Justice textbook, A discussion on healing from sexual trauma [...]

poop shit inner hoe uprising

Episode 82: Shit Outta Luck

Sloane Stephens, Venus Williams & Madison Keys, Accept it, change it or let it go, Munroe Bergdorf & L’Oreal, woman gets stuck in her dates window trying to retrieve her own poop [...]

afro and glasses inner hoe uprising

Episode 81: Blerds

In this episodewe discuss: Setting aside time to cry and decompress, a fan who grabbed Cardi B’s ass without her consent, RIT’s Roo rape awareness presentation, conversations about consent and rape culture on campuses [...]

exotic dancer silhouette

Episode 80: An Exotic Entertainer

In this episode we discuss: a Sex Worker who was assaulted in homophobic attack, the case for decriminalizing sex work, Alaskan cops assaulting sex workers, Black Transgender woman Kiwi Herring killed by police [...]

Episode 79: She Smashed the Homies!

In this episode we discuss: NY Insurance provisions transgender patients, Texas “rape insurance” for abortions, aborting disabled fetuses, ableism, pro-lifers, Pornhub & pornstars, Millennials who don’t like boobs [...]

Episode 78: Introducing the Hoe Army

In this episode we discuss: Kicking off season 3 of the Inner Hoe Uprising, Chika Oranika, Domyenn, Beyonce, Ashlee Marie Preston, Rihanna, Danielle Brooks, Stop being the strong black woman, A UK based transgender woman [...]

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