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Episode 88: Sex Ed

A conversation with a sex ed & health teacher from Maryland, Cleansing your space to remove traumatic cues, custom-made bespoke condoms, men not wiping their asses properly due to fear of being perceived as gay [...]

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Episode 87: Feelmore: Adult Gallery

“She’s Gotta Have It” the series coming to Netflix, sex orientation quiz, AI facial recognition gaydar study, Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature is outing sex workers, a conversation with the owner of Feelmore: Adult gallery [...]

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Episode 86: A Sexuality Doula

Naked mirror admiration, Samantha the Sex Robot molested, teen moms in Ohio , Keyshia Ka'oir bathed Gucci Mane, House GOP uses Las Vegas tragedy to justify passing new anti-abortion bill, a conversation with a Sexuality Doula [...]

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Episode 85: Hungover Heartbroken Hoes

Don’t drink when you’re emotional,Hijra folks in India, the Stanford Prison Experiment, Hugh Hefner was a sexist, manipulative, abuser, Oxford student stabs her boyfriend [...]

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Episode 84: Pretty Boy Ting

White Male MAGA student fails to get classmate and DACA recipient deported, #curagay, debunking conversion therapy, Albert Haynesworth, Domestic Violence towards men, Pretty Boys [...]

sexual assault, healing, victim, survivor, inner hoe uprising

Episode 83: Healing From Sexual Assault

Sex Robots can kill us in the future, Brian Austin Green’s remarks on his son who wears dresses, children and gendered clothing, Brock Turner defined as a rapist in Criminal Justice textbook, A discussion on healing from sexual trauma [...]

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Episode 82: Shit Outta Luck

Sloane Stephens, Venus Williams & Madison Keys, Accept it, change it or let it go, Munroe Bergdorf & L’Oreal, woman gets stuck in her dates window trying to retrieve her own poop [...]

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Episode 81: Blerds

In this episodewe discuss: Setting aside time to cry and decompress, a fan who grabbed Cardi B’s ass without her consent, RIT’s Roo rape awareness presentation, conversations about consent and rape culture on campuses [...]

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Episode 80: An Exotic Entertainer

In this episode we discuss: a Sex Worker who was assaulted in homophobic attack, the case for decriminalizing sex work, Alaskan cops assaulting sex workers, Black Transgender woman Kiwi Herring killed by police [...]

Episode 79: She Smashed the Homies!

In this episode we discuss: NY Insurance provisions transgender patients, Texas “rape insurance” for abortions, aborting disabled fetuses, ableism, pro-lifers, Pornhub & pornstars, Millennials who don’t like boobs [...]

Episode 78: Introducing the Hoe Army

In this episode we discuss: Kicking off season 3 of the Inner Hoe Uprising, Chika Oranika, Domyenn, Beyonce, Ashlee Marie Preston, Rihanna, Danielle Brooks, Stop being the strong black woman, A UK based transgender woman [...]

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