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Episode 52: Hoes of the Year

Shiny Balls, Racism Fighting Bae, Loving Yourself, Vocal Minority Report, Semen Recipes, Mormon Church Native Sex Abuse, Trick Daddy, Iceland Pay Gaps, Baby Born Twice, Go Fund Me Divorce, A Year in Polyamory, Hoes Taking a Break & more!

Episode 51: Love Potion #69

Remy Ma, The 13th Documentary, Deborah Danner, Breast Cancer Month, Pink Washing, Witchcraft, Spells, Chakras, Yoni Eggs, Sex Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Black Magic, White Magic, Hoodoo, African Traditional Religion, Sisterhood, Intentions, Bay Area, Ashy Dick, Maternal Bone & More!

Episode 50: American Hoe-rror Story

Trump, Dating Apocalypse, Human Trafficking in Haiti, Big Dicks, #WhatADoctorLooksLike, Crissle, Faking it, Horror Movies & Sex, One Bad Week, Treating Your Partner, Polyamory, Lasting Longer & More!

Episode 49: inner gHOEst uprising

HIV Cure, #ForeverDuncan, Expensive Babies, Black Men & Mental Health, Get Out, #FreeBresha, The Pill, Sexy Horror Stories, Jealousy, Depression & Anxiety, Tales of More Dick & More!

Episode 48: Bloodlust

Male Guardianship, Don't Date Black Men Posters, Statute of Limitations, Fault in Our Stars, Knife Play, Edge Play, Blood Lust, Sexy Vampires & more!

Episode 47: Aphrodisiacs

Tinder, Spotify, Myspace, Derrick Rose, Clits, Hateful Pastor, Semen, Brangelina, Aphrodisiacs, Just Friends, Falling Deeper in Love, Swolemates, Birth Control, Period, Tales of No Dick & More!

Episode 46: Till Death Do Us Part

#TeacherBae, Hijab Fashion, Period Tracking, Sperm Donors, #RIPKendra, Jealousy & Possessiveness, Tortoise Sex God, Marriage, Polygamy & Polyandry, Latex, Dick Sucking, Servitude, Bumble Review, Supreme Hoteps & more!

Episode 45: Kids or Nah

The Obamas, HIV Deniers, Tiarah Poyau, Toxic Masculinity, Femininity and Ecofriendliness, Young Thug, Having and Raising Children, Sex Motels, Hoe Goals Accomplished, Gym Life, Safe Sex, Know Your Dick Size PSA and more!

Episode 44: I Think I Broke It

McChicken, Teyana Taylor, Body Goals, Queer Ghost Hunters, Alicia Keys, Matt Bomer, Maylin Reynoso, Missing White Girl Syndrome, Sex Injuries, Penile Fracture, Anal Prolapse, Vaginal Tearing, Body Image, Jamaican Flirting, Supportive Boyfriends & More!

Episode 43: Multiple Orgasms

Multiple Orgasms, Edging, Cumming Techniques, Clit Soreness, Orgasm disorders, Marathon Masturbation, Marathon Sex & more!

Episode 42: Cuddle Puddle

Dick Pole Vault, Nate Parker, Amber Heard, Chemical Castration, Heartbeats, Cuddling, Shanika's Second Date, Sam's Love Life is Garbage, Barbados Follow Up, & more!

Episode 41: Your Parents (Probably) F*ck

Single Moms, Blow Job Cafe, Incest, Vibrator Alarm Clock, Sexual Harassment, The Birds and the Bees, Walking in on your Parents, Shrinkage, Acne, First Date, Straight Friends & More!

Olympic Sex, Mens Lingerie, Radical Faeries, Obituary Beef, Korryn Gaines, Attraction, Birth Control, Getting Caught, Facesitting, Hoe Sabbaticals & more!

Episode 40: Laws of Attraction

Episode 39: CLITuation

All about the clit! Stimulation, the clitoral hood, clit orgasms, clit torture, tongues, fingers, female circumcision, "the click", vibrators, clit numbness, clit discovery & more!

Episode 38: Testicle Testimonials

Bloodlust Hit woman, Trump/Pence, Leslie Jones, WNBA, Balls with 3 Guests, Street Harassment, Mind Games and more!

Episode 37: Sex, Lies, and Videotapes

Pokemon Nudes, Monkey Groping, HIV, Sex Tapes, Gender APP, Lemonade, Catfishing, HPV, Hemorrhoids, Coworker Sex & more!

Episode 36: Woke Hoes

This week we focus on engendering the conversation around police violence and white supremacy and offer some perspective on how to care for yourself in tough times.

Episode 35: Date Night

#MrStealYourGrandma, Abortion Ruling, Mexico Torture Police, Intersex Folks, Going on Dates, Monogamish, Sams Type and more!

Episode 34: Titty City

Pornhub Innovation, Ex Amish, Online Sexual Harrasment, Free Pads and Tampons, Ghosting App, Stonewall Inn Landmark, Boobs, Haircuts, Jealousy, Appreciation, Birthday Hoes & More!

Episode 33: Virginity

Pulse Nightclub Shooting, Prison Bae, African Bae, Virginity, Questioning Polyamory, Family, and more!

Episode 32: Hoe Summer '16 

Brock Turner, Ghost Sex, Grim Sleeper Serial Killer, Teacher Pregnant by Student, Orgy Cruise, Summer Time Hoe Etiquette, Couple Farts, Business Dates, House Sex, Fake I Love You's & More!

Episode 31: The Art of Flirting

Game of Thrones Sex, Sugar Daddies, Johnny Depp, Feticide, Skin Bleach, Trans Incarceration, Hollywood Pedophilia, Flirting, Our Web Series, Titties, Boundaries & more!

Episode 30: Hoe Tales

Tales of Hoe Adventures while on Vacation. Wingmanning, Multiple Orgasms, Groupies, Pool Sex, High Sex, Lingerie, Infidelity and more!

Episode 29: Pussy Flood

A mailbag episode dedicated to your f*cking lives. Stories of hoteps, fuckboys, BDSM, sexting gone wrong, losing the spark, cheating, anal and more!

Episode 28: Interracial Dating 

Harry Potter Wedding, Ass Judge, South African Racism, Loretta Lynch, Philippines, Interracial Dating, Break Ups, Love, Fantasies & more!

Episode 27: Sexual Fantasies

Epic Dick Pic, Brazil Sex Theme Park, Hemp Lube, Subway Harassment, Jeremy Durham, Mormon Honor Code, Sexual Fantasies, Phantom Dick Returns, The Massuse, Thirst Trappin Ass, Hotties on Vacay, Getting Over a Jerk & more!

Episode 26: Talk Dirty to Me

Escort tipped with Monkey, Lil Kim, Oral Sodomy & Oklahoma, Racist Nudes, Ezekiel Elliot's crop top, DeAndre Levy's Sexual Assault Article, #Manboobsforboobs, Dirty Talk, Hoe Trip, Shanika says Goodbye, Squirting, Cumming & More!

Episode 25: CUMMING 101

Infidelity Mattress, Sexy Technology, Periscope Rape, Ivy Park, Plus Sized Clothing, Afrika Bambaataa, Orgasms, Science, Squirting, Sam's Boyfriend, Bad Bitches, Shanika's Crush, Attraction, Best Head Ever & More!

Episode 24: Used Condoms & Anal Beads

Erykah Badu, Chinese "Left Over" Women, X-Hamster, Black Hair Products, Jared Leto's Joker, Transpo Transgender Discrimination, Childlike Sex Dolls & more! An entire episode of "Fck That."

Episode 23: Grade School Crushes

Sex Apps, Period Innovations, Islan Nettles, Child Marriage, Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian, Baby Powder is a Carcinogenic, Crush Tales, Pre Menstrual Gingivitis, Dick I'll Never Have, Open Relationship Propositions & More!

Episode 22: Masturbation Station

Pornhub VR Live Review, Days Inn Invasion, Kehlani, Mississippi anti-LGBT, Cherelle Baldwin, Masturbation, Hemorrhoids, Artistic Struggles, STD Clinics, Falling in Love with your Bestie & More!

Episode 21: Public Sex

Bionic Penis, Gay African Neighbors, Howard Protests, North Carolina, Ted Cruz Sex Scandal, Public Sex, Sex Resorts, Getting Caught, Catching People, Wanderlust, Horniness, Supportive Boyfriends & more!

Episode 20: Blow Jobs

Male Birth Control, ISIS Sex Slavery, Makeup While Giving Birth, Ciara & Russell Wilson, Georgia Domestic Hate Crime, Blow Jobs, Suckin Dick, Sloppy Toppy, Sam and Shanika Fall in Love, MILF Tales and more!

Episode 19: Period Flow

Kim K's nude, Karrine Steffans, China bans gay TV, DeBlasio, the Wachowski Sisters, Sharapova & Serena, the Reagans & HIV, PERIODS, & our first call-in listener!

Museum of Broken Relationships, CDC HIV report, America's Fav Porn, Nina Simone biopic, Sandra Bland, Teacher Fired for Nudes, Nudes et al, 2 boyfriends, Moving on from feelings, Failed Friends with Benefits & more!

Episode 18: N00dz

The Hoes take on the Candidates. #WhichHilary, Bernie & Reparations, Sh*t Trump Says, Ben Carson's odd face, the hottest candidate, BlackLivesMatter interruptions, Duck Dynasty & Ted Cruz, Hilary & White Feminism, and a listener letter about virginity.

Episode 17: Election Erection

Episode 16: OMG Pubes

Dr. Love fake teen gyno, Ke$ha, Obama Abstinence budget, South Dakota trans students, Manny Pacquiao, MAC lips, pubes, pube removal, pube history, pube styles, period sex, hoe breaks, love styles and a first time gang bang, Nuva Rings, young boy toys and more!

Episode 15: WTF Is Love?

Funeral Crashing, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Domestic Violence, Trans State of Emergency, Beyonce and Formation, Love, Falling in Love, Falling Out of Love, Poly Love, Chivalry, Science of Love, Coming out as Poly, Shan's hook up, Post Sex Sleep & more!

Podcasting live from the middle of our ratchet ass party! We answer party goers questions about rape role play, fuck machines, getting to know someone, head with condoms and dental dams... and more!

Episode 14: Party With the Hoe Army

Plus Size Barbie, Janese Talton Jackson, Street Harrassment, Gynnya McMillen, SayHerName, Zika Virus, Pregnancy & Climate Change, Planned Parenthood Videos, Anti-Abortionist, Kayne, Amber Rose & Wiz, Butt Stuff, Pussy Lickin Contest, Couples Therapy, Drunken Mixed Signals, No Strings Attached Rules & more!

Episode 13: Butt Stuff

R. Kelly's weird interview, OscarsSoWhite, Outing Jada and Will, Trans Olympic athletes, OkCupid Data, FeelTheBern, Hillary Clinton, Sexting, Cyber sex, Nudes, Pap smears, Cervical cancer, Other cancers, Fuckboy conversations, Head vomit, Blizzard sex & more!

Episode 12: Sexting

Listener letters about oral sex in a crib, falling for a fckboy, using food in sex, good high sex encounters, bad high sex encounters, passing out during sex, McDonalds dates, Nuva Rings, young boy toys and more!

Episode 11: F*cking You

WasteHisTime2016, Amber the Activist, Jaden Smith, Amandala Stenberg, Polyamorory on OkCupid, Cunnilingus, good head, bad head, sticky faces, head tips, muff diving testimonials, possibly falling out of love, dating a podcaster, Valentine's Day & more!

Episode 10: Cunnilingus

OBJ & gay rumors, Cosby's indictment, Mark Sailing, Michael Bae Jordan, fit sex, stamina, sex tricks, flexibility, sex injuries, partying while poly, period orgasms, Shanika's hair cut, Sam's epic romance in the making, poly with kids & much more!

Episode 9: Sexercise 

An entire episode dedicated to Sex Education. Our experiences learning about sex, misconceptions, tips, sex ed classes: good and bad, "the talk", and much more!

Episode 8: F*cking 101

The Inner Hoes discuss Keke Palmer, sexual fluidity, hipster polyamory in Brooklyn, dark skinned love, an accused rapist "falling" into his victim, sex selling the WNBA, Rondo & Bill Kennedy, dating outside your age range, fingers in butts, seeking validation, awkward threesomes and more!

Episode 7: Half Your Age Plus 7

Porn, Odd Porn, Bad Porn, Getting Friendzoned, Polyamory Woes, Funny Sex, Romance in times of Stress, Cutting off a relationship, Secret Admirers and much more!

Episode 6: Porn

Episode 5: Curved

The Inner Hoes discuss James Deen & Stoya, Jennifer Laude, the Daniel Holtzclaw trial, the vote to cut Planned Parenthood, the woes of getting romantically rejected aka curved, negotiating sexual needs, doms & subs, porn and much more!

This week the Inner Hoes discuss hottie Hey Arnold, feminist Fetty Wap, the attack on Planned Parenthood, R.Kelly, the environment of dating apps, how to carry out a healthy polyamorous relationship, our favorite kinds of sex and much more!

Episode 4: Dating Apps

In this week's episode we talk about getting curved, honest hookups, bdsm intrigue, Charlie Sheen and HIV stigma, sex work, Monique and open relationships, cuffing season and take questions and comments from listeners.

Episode 3: Cuffin' Season

Episode 2: Hotep Nigg*s

In this week's episode we recount drunken tales from last night (Sam vomits mid podcast), discuss Vivica A. Fox and homoantogonism, Gabourey Sidibe and fat shaming, "twerk" assault and media bias... and cunnilingus propositions.

Episode 1: F*ckboys


For our first episode we'll be talking about Game's bulge, Spike Lee's Chi-raq trailer, Oklahoma City PD former officer and accused rapist Daniel Holtzclaw, open relationship woes, cutting people off, F*ckboys, subpar sex, when to allow someone to preform cunnilingus on you and much more!

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