sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 111: In the Absence of D*ck

Rebecca, Akua, and Sam discuss FOSTA/SESTA, lesbian porn, Hoe Season, BDSM, abstinence, and [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 110: Women of Sex Tech

A conversation with Sex Tech Entrepreneur Lidia Bonilla. Points of discussion include: where do you keep your sex toys, shame and stigma of using sex toys, lube, TSA & airports [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 109: Sex, Romance, & Disability

A conversation with Kym Oliver about the intersection of disability and sexuality. Topics of discussion include: A multiple sclerosis explainer, MS symptoms, ataxia, fatigue, not looking “sick”, invisible illness [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 108: Catch the F*ck Up!

Deep Throating, that awkward moment when you have a seizure before a threesome, when your straight friend tries to have sex with you, cant find the words to say to bring your relationship to the next level, & the grad school struggle [...]

sex ed, inner hoe uprising, podcast, black, woman

Episode 107: Trans Heroines

A conversation with activist & writer Raquel Willis about unsung black trans women in American History. Points of discussion include: Transgender Law Center, racial and socioeconomic disparities that impact Black Transgender women [...]

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Episode 106: A Kinky Asexual

A conversation with Lily, and asexual woman who is into BDSM. Points of discussion include: Asexuality as a spectrum as opposed to one side of a binary, Demi-sexuals, grey aces, aesthetic, romantic and sexual attraction [...]

sex love liberation, inner hoe uprising, podcast

Episode 105: TransAlike

A conversation with Zayn Silva (founder of TransAlike) about his activism within the trans community. Points of discussion include: Transitioning, suicidal ideations, coming out as trans to your family, Christianity and [...]

broken heart, alcohol, inner hoe uprising, podcast

Episode 104: Black Queer Story Month

Queer Black History with queer non binary history enthusiast, Da’Shaun Harrison, Audre Lorde, biomythography, Zami a New Spelling of My Name, Womanism, Bayard Rustin, Black Lives Matter, Brittany Ferrell and Alexis Templeton [...]

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Episode 103: Women and COINTELPRO

Women during the Cointelpro Era, Rob explains what cointelpro was, Assata Shakur, political prisoners, being a political prisoner, solitary confinement, unjust prison conditions, being pregnant in prison, Cuba, Angela Davis [...]

sexual assault, healing, victim, survivor, inner hoe uprising

Episode 102: Women of the Black Panther Party

A conversation with Historian Robyn C. Spencer about women in the Black Panther Party in Oakland. Talking points include: Becoming a historian as a black woman, Assata Shakur, being an activist historian, international activism [...]

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Episode 101: The OGs of the MeToo Movement

The OGs of the #MeToo Movement: A conversation on black women’s anti rape activism in America (and the americas), Maria W. Stewart, Sexual assault during American Slavery, Abolitionist movement [...]

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Episode 100: A Lifestyle Pro Dominatrix

A conversation with Mistress Unknown about being a lifestyle and professional femme domme (dominatrix), charging people as a female dominatrix, Dom/sub spectrum, sex work stigma, safety, screening clients [...]

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Episode 99: Protect Thy Yoni

Blockchain based app LegalFling creates contracts to prove one night stands are “consensual,” 4 black lesbian women were murdered within a week — and mainstream media didn’t cover their deaths [...]

Episode 98: Afro-Latinx Femininity

A conversation with Lina & Estephanie of the Bag Ladies Podcast about being Afro Lantix Femmes, growing up Dominican, the term Latinx and language based gender binaries, what does Latinx identity mean in Latin America [...]

Episode 97: Inner Hoe Uprising: Live!

A drunken game of ’Never Have I Ever,’ sex injuries, gyno tales, fucking the homies and siblings, faking orgasms, squirting, removing objects from vaginas, calling out the wrong name, sex without kissing, sex with a racist [...]

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