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shanika powell

Breanna is a 24 year old professional by day and hoe by night. She is the co-hoe of the episode “Sugar Babies.”


shanika powell

Belle is a Jamaican born young professional living in Central Jersey. She is the co-hoe of the episode “Intergenerational Love.”


shanika powell

Her work has been been featured in publications like Quirktastic, Abernathy, and Afripop Magazine, and she's a White House South by South Lawn Nominee. She is the co-hoe of the episode “Intergenerational Love.”

Paige Polk is a filmmaker and visual activist. Based in Brooklyn, she's exploring the intersection of art and advocacy, where the political and the creative coexist. With projects in the US and abroad, Paige is unpacking gender, heritage, and sexuality with multimedia storytelling.


shanika powell

Jose 'Goose' Guzman is a Creative, Handyman, lover of the 'internets' and the lovable Host over at The Pay Day Podcast, a traveling Show where Goose discusses current events and entertainment with random New Yorkers. Jose is 26, Tall, Handsome and destined for Internet greatness. He is the co-hoe of the episode “Catch A Body.” 


shanika powell

Alexandria Gamlin aka Bunny is the spicy friend your mother warned you about. A Capricorn, originally from Detroit & based in Brooklyn has been all around the world (and eyyee eye yeey), and now she's coming for you. Find her in the kitchen, in these streets, and on the internet cracking jokes and being dope. She is the co-hoe of the episode “Catch A Body.”


For two years, she served in Namibia teaching English and Information Technology to local students in her community. Sabblah hopes to work for the United Nations traveling and working on projects rooted in Sub-Saharan African development. She is the co-hoe of the episode “International Hoe Uprising.”

shanika powell

(Angela) Sabblah is a 25 year old returned Peace Corps volunteer, hopeful humanitarian, and chipotle addict. Growing up as the only first generation Ghanaian in her family, she slowly realized that her roots, experiences, and struggles in identity acceptance, would soon shape her career. 


shanika powell

M is a 24 year old immigrant who is just trying to make it in Trump's America. She loves reading and bottomless brunches. She is the co-hoe of the episode “International Hoe Uprising.”


shanika powell

Nicole is a single black female addicted to retail *kanye voice*. An aspiring psychotherapist that enjoys long walks on the beach and sipping on henny&pineapple #fortheculture. She is the co-hoe of the episode “Confessions of a Serial Dater.”


shanika powell

Gina ia an S-type community leader who lives a part-time BDSM lifestyle. She identifies as a slave with bratty tendencies and has a large passion for helping other s-type women. Gina hopes to use her experiences in the kink community to become a therapist specialized in alternative lifestyles, sex, and sexual dysfunction. She is the co-hoe of the episode “BDSM.”


shanika powell

Delta is an occasional play partner and self identified Switch. She is also an aspiring kink wear designer. Delta is the co-hoe of the episode “BDSM.”


shanika powell

Danielle is a 24 year old aspiring actuary living in Philadelphia all whilst becoming her own woman. She is the co-hoe of the episode “Living in Sin.”


Dawn is a 24 year old PhD student who’s in search of higher education, heightened awareness, and high heels that don’t hurt your feet. She’s a relationship thot navigating the world one step at a time and she’s mad hype to be young, gifted, and black. Dawn is the co-hoe of the episode “Living in Sin.”


A moniker that encapsulates life at the intersection of fat and femme identity. A graduate of Morehouse College and The New School, Lewis produces work around the body, specifically exploring and interrogating identity formation, race, gender, sexuality, desire, beauty, and ugliness. Jamal is the co-hoe of the episode “The Fat Femme.”

Jamal Lewis Fat Femme

Jamal T. Lewis (b. 1990) is an emerging multidisciplinary artist, writer, and thought leader living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Named by Teen Vogue as one of the 'coolest queers on the internet,' Lewis is also known as 'fatfemme'.


inner hoe uprising terrence

Terrence, an ace born in NYC, is a singer-slash-workshop stage actor looking to keep his bills paid for the most part. The 'king of consent' enjoys karaoke, meeting new people, and perhaps the concept of nihilism a tad too much. He is the co-hoe of the episode “An Asexual Hoe.” 


Pinks is a 29-year old mother of two, wife, burgeoning yogi, and bougrachay girl from Queens with way too much and not enough time on her hands. She is a mixture of Blanche Devereaux, Rihanna and Harriet Winslow (the original dark-skinned joint). Pinks is the co-hoe of the episode “Happy Fuckin' Mothers Day.”


Asha is a Jamaican born 25 year old still trying to navigate Brooklyn as a black girl nerd with interest ranging from exhibitionism in BDSM to the Church of Saint George in Lalibela. Asha is currently working towards developing her career in forensic anthropology and hoping to help more black girls enter the STEM fields and take over. Asha is the co-hoe of the episode “Advice From Asha.”


lucas inner hoe uprising

Lucas was the recording engineer for Season 1 of the Inner Hoe Uprising. He is an animator, illustrator, musician, and designer filled with varying amounts of humor and existential dread. He spends his free time on various projects like Office Cat, weird short films, and trolling Sam. He is co-hoe of the episode “Black Hoe-Story Month.”


shanika powell

When she’s not writing or producing videos you can find her at home on her couch rewatching Empire and How to Get away with Murder.

Shanika Powell is hilarious, courageous and persistent. She is the co-host of Season 1 of the Inner Hoe Uprising podcast. She takes sketch writing and storytelling classes at the Uprights Citizens Brigade and the Magnet Theatre.

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