Episode 99: Protect Thy Yoni

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Description of violent murders: 00:27 - 00:29

Trigger Warning(s):

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Rodecka & Sam are joined by guest La Tetra to discuss:

Bae(s) of The Week: @pettyblackboy & @https_royals

Hoe(s) of the Week: @bishara_pierre, @Yana_Yz, @Jay_Gretchen, @saignin, @SpookySiku, @sarahtaughtyou, QueerWoc, @shantell_the_OL, @blackvenusian, @kibirdie, @anitaxcii, @deriatalksback, @LizzaBetz, @HeavC4, Wayne, Anna T, EVRST Vapes, Karl Reeves, Buju Selah, Cpurple608, LeHouseCat, DiamondStylz,NineOneCeauty, Afro-Blerd

Self Care Tips: Get your annual Pap, National Stalking Awareness Month
Resources for Victims of Stalking: www.victimsofcrime.org/src. Contact at 202-467-8700 or src@ncvc.org

Fuck That (Current Events): Blockchain based app LegalFling creates contracts to prove one night stands are “consensual,” 4 black lesbian women were murdered within a week — and mainstream media didn’t cover their deaths, A couple who met on Neopets as children get married, the beauty of online dating, & Catfishing back in the day

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): Black Femme spiritual items & running a Crystal Apothecary with Aliwazas founder, La Tetra, hand making items for people, selling spiritual tools vs selling spirituality, waist beads, yoni eggs, crystals, the science behind the yoni egg, the struggles of being a woman and a small business owner, denouncing stereotypes about people who use crystals, a yoni egg consultation with Rebecca and La Tetra, all crystal eggs aren’t yoni eggs, rose quartz, black obsidian, cleaning and cleansing your yoni eggs, setting intentions, & having sex with yoni eggs

Fuck Me (Our Lives): Sam’s visit to the strip club, King of Diamonds, Stripper Strike NYC, Rodecka is depressed, abusive relationship trauma

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