Episode 98: Afro-Latinx Femininity

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Rob & Sam are joined by guests Estephanie & Lina to discuss:

Bae(s) of The Week: Shears For Queers Barber @dezgotskills

Hoe(s) of the Week: Joel, Noelani, Megan, Randy, Sabblah & Rodicks entire family. As well as Akeem, Grace P & Antonnette C

Self Care Tips: Curate your social media feeds. Use the soft block when you need to.

Fuck That (Current Events): Begins @ 00:18 — Faulty A.I. keeps mistaking sand dunes for nudes, Elon Musk sex parties, How hospitals and racial biases are leading to fatal childbirths for black parents and mothers, Serena Williams birth complications, Ginuwine, India WIlloghby, Celbrity Big Brother & Transphobia

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): Begins @ 00:57 — A conversation with Lina & Estephanie of the Bag Ladies Podcast about being Afro Lantix Femmes, growing up Dominican, the term Latinx and language based gender binaries, what does Latinx identity mean in Latin America, finding your identity within academia, epxperiencing colorisism and racist amongst non black Latinx peers, discovering that you’re black, Domican Republic & racism, loving black culture and hating black people, Trullijo and whitening of the DR, the Perejil or Parsley massacre, trendy blackness, light skin and non black passing afro Latinx people acknowledging their privilege, Princess Nokia, Bruno Mars, Cameron Diaz, Gina Rodriguez, erasure of black Latinx femininity, exotifcation and exaggeration of black Latinx femininity, spicy Latina stereotypes, dating as a afro-latinx femme, Amara La Negra, Cardi B, giving problematic people the space to learn,

Fuck Me (Our Lives): Begins @ 01:55 — Having sex dreams about people you don’t want to have sex with, entering into an open relationship with a black queer femme, fear of being the victim of a hate crime whilst in a queer relationship, #20GayTeen

Fuck You (Your Lives): Begins @ 01:05 — My live in ex and baby father wants to give “us” another try.

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