Episode 97: Inner Hoe Uprising: Live!

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Special Thanks to Hacienda Brooklyn for holding this event. Hacienda is a social experiment designed to celebrate sex, educate the curious, and dispel shame. For more information on how to attend sex education workshops or social gatherings at Hacienda please visit: www.wearehacienda.com/

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Audio Engineer:

The first Inner Hoe Uprising Live Show & Season 4 Premiere

Rob, Akua, Rodecka, and Sam are in front of a live studio audience to discuss:

Bae(s) of The Week: Michaela Cole, Leticia Wright & John Boyega

Hoe(s) of the Week: The live show audience!

Self Care Tips: Marisol socks will keep your feet warm and dry

Fuck That (Current Events): Naked workout classes in Soho, putting your bare ass on toilet seats, people are whitening their dicks in Thailand

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): A drunken game of ’Never Have I Ever,’ sex injuries, gyno tales, fucking the homies and siblings, faking orgasms, squirting, removing objects from vaginas, calling out the wrong name, sex without kissing, sex with a racist, period sex,

Fuck Me (Our Lives): Quickie tales about our lives. Akua’s free bled and tried the menstrual cup,

Fuck You (Your Lives): Questions from the Audience! How to tell my boyfriend I want an open relationship, my partner wants me to sexually exclusive to him but not vice versa

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