Episode 96: Erotic Poetry

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Description of rape: 1:31:11 - 1:35:27

Trigger Warning(s)

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Audio Engineer:

Rob & Sam are joined by guest Nono the Poet to discuss:

A tangent turned review of She’s Gotta Have it (The Netflix Original Series)
SPOILERS: 7:18 - 20:59

Bae(s) of The Week: Janicia & Naima of Tea with Queen & J Podcast, Estefani & Lena of Bag Ladies Podcast & Money & Nikeeta of QueerWOC Podcast. A discussion on the blackest, dopest, brunch we’ve ever attended.

Hoe(s) of the Week: CocoMangoCherry, @idiotwastaken, Gavin

Self Care Tips: Use Your coupons, Don’t put baby powder in your panties (To hear more listen to our episode: “Grade School Crushes” @ 32 mins in)

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): A conversation with Nono The Poet about her erotic literature, using writing as a tool to cope with pain, sitting and dealing with negative thoughts and feelings, connecting with an audience of women of color through art, A live reading of “Love Inquiry” and “Soul Vagina,” reactions to erotic poetry from friends, family, & fans, self-identity & self-actualization, reconciling spirituality, god & sex & much more.

Fuck Me (Our Lives): Rob having a good time with a new romantic suitors, dealing with trauma after being sexually assaulted by a woman: (Mentions the Episode “Healing From Sexual Trauma” with guest Karen), Sam is a dick vomit telepath

Fuck You (Your Lives): Stories of vomiting on dicks, One partners insecurities in their open relationship

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