Episode 95: Ballet After Dark

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Description of rape: 53:43 - 57:53

Trigger Warning(s):

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There’s nothing wrong with being a ‘hoe’: How some black women are reclaiming their sexuality: bit.ly/2BhogbO

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Akua & Sam are joined by guest Tyde-Courtney to discuss:

Bae(s) of The Week: Australia

Hoe(s) of the Week: cupcaketellem & #akuahive, @olalaits_french, Hoel, empress shida , @phloring, Nicole R, Jagger Blaec,
Self Care Tips:

Fuck That (Current Events): Anal bleaching may be on rise, Kenyan Widows are fighting against sexual cleansing, Misogyny in Africa, Cheating Ben, ‘Black Mirror’s’ take on dating apps

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): A conversation with Tyde-Courtney of Ballet After Dark, a self care and dance company that caters to survivors of sexual assault. Points of conversation include: reconnecting with your physical body after sexual assault, finding fitting therapist, hospitals that mishandle rape survivors, coping with self blame and guilt following an attack, dealing with law enforcement post rape, unresolved rape kits, unwanted pregnancies, fighting for people to believe you, exclusion of black women & women of color in the mainstream #metoo movement, the relief in sharing your story, the importance of friendship, the structure of the workshop, meditation & chakra opening, resources for male rape survivors, a health and wellness cafe that doubles as a safe space for black women, perceptions of black women in ballet, perceptions of curvy women in ballet, over sexualization of black women in dance, ballet as a tool for body positivity

Fuck Me (Our Lives): Plan B and your period

Fuck You (Your Lives): A lesbian tries dick for the first time.

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