Episode 94: We Ting

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Relevant Links & Notes:

Audio Engineer:

Rebecca & Sam are joined by guest DJ Debbie to discuss:

Bae(s) of The Week: Acadia of the Sex Hub & Demi Lovato

Hoe(s) of the Week: Fab Fresh and Fly, EVRST Vapes, Aquin0o, Melanated_Martian, Pseudo.Sophisticate

Self Care Tips: Be careful with edibles, alcohol might not be for you, stop beating yourself up

Fuck That (Current Events): The Sex Robots are Cummin! A semi break down of innovations in the sex robot industry including: Realbotix, Harmony AI, Samantha the Sex Robot, Roxxy, Frigid Farrah, Oral Robot from Arlan Robotics, Sophia, Frubber, self warming genitals, sex robots and rape culture, sex work, & awkward robot lingo

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): An interview with Soca Artist & Deejay, Debbie. Points of conversation include: Deejaying in the lesbian community, finding a queer Caribbean niche to play soca music for, being a woman rapper in the 1990s, 90s hip hop scene, what is soca music, repping big women, gearing music towards women, thoughts on making “gay music”, what it means to be a gay Caribbean artist, throwing parties for queer Caribbean women, fostering safe spaces, coming to terms with ones queerness as a young Caribbean girl, unconditional familial support and acceptance during the coming out process, fear of coming out, taking your straight family members to PRIDE, social organizations for queer Caribbean women,

Fuck Me (Our Lives): When the gag reflex goes wrong, Rodecka enters into an open relationship and goes full gay

Fuck You (Your Lives): When you’ve sworn off white dick but a sexy white Daddy strolls into your life

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