Episode 93: Send Me the Cum Fight Video Plz

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Relevant Links & Notes:

Audio Engineer:

Rob & Sam discuss:

Bae(s) of The Week: Delta Major & Ty

Hoe(s) of the Week: Jazzeb, Tanya B, Shocara , Unfair Pokémon Update ,Sarah, Katy & Chelsea, @AfroKai, Perfect Kast, IHU Live buyers

Self Care Tips: Repetitive tasks to help quell anxiety & petting your dog

Fuck That (Current Events): NYC extends paid sick leave to survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking, a film based on the life of bisexual boxer Emile Griffith, openly gay athletes we love, air pollution associated with abnormal sperm, perhaps hotep conspiracy theories rooted in a tad of science, ‘Sis is this Your Man?” Facebook groups, & the wonderful world of freak Facebook pages

Fuck Me (Our Lives): Sam went on a very nice date, Rob is avoiding getting caught up with a problematic man, when he has several baby mamas, dating someone who doesn’t reciprocate the same energy you give them

Fuck You (Your Lives): He gave me the best dick of my life and then blocked me on Instagram. Why?!

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