Episode 92: Dearest Hoes

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Opening: “Queen S%!T” SheReal
Shereal – 04-queen-s-t-produced-by
Fuck That: "Krown Heights" PrinceShortyFly
Fuck It: "Party on the Weekend" King Kam X DVRKAMBR
Fuck Me: "Revenge (Of the Nerd) That Sat Behind You" PrinceShortyFly
Fuck You: "Chandelier" Dramangar
End: "Day Dream" Dramangar

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Audio Engineer:

All four hoes are in studio to answer your listener letters!

Fuck You (Your Lives): Questions & stories include:
Should I break up with my pothead down on his luck boyfriend?
Fuck-buddy-turned-something-more got bitter after I denied him sex. What gives?
Lawd, that Blerds episode…whoms mans was that?
My first gangbang and I’m goin in raw!
I asked my boyfriend for more affection and that’s okay.
What happens when you start dating your twin flame?

Other topics include: being 20-something sucks, shitting where you eat, hidden baby mamas, mistaking intimacy for feelings, problematic guests, do your have sex while LARPing, an open gang bang casting call, issues asserting oneself & love languages.

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