Episode 88: Sex Ed

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Sexual Assault: 41:28 - 48:55

Trigger Warning(s):

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Audio Engineer:

Cleansing your space to remove traumatic cues, Condoms don’t fit dicks perfectly, custom-made bespoke condoms, men not wiping their asses properly due to fear of being perceived as gay, man is put on sex offenders list for non consensually grabbing woman breasts during sex, A conversation with a sex ed & health teacher from Maryland, teaching form an intersectional feminist perspective, parental reactions to sexual education, the curriculum, positive student feedback, dealing with gender and sexual identities in the classroom, creating safe respectful classrooms, bullying, teachable moments, navigating topics outside of the curriculum, reporting potential child endangerment, supplementing for lack of representation in textbooks, teaching: anatomy, putting in tampons, contraception, race, dating violence, consent, sex trafficking, body positivity; masturbation, inner hoe’s sex education growing up, porn, STDs, Sam’s fuck list, boning people with girlfriends, Robs short fuck list, having sex with people you actually like, insecurities about eating on dates & more!

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