EPISODE 87: Feelmore: Adult Gallery

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Lemon, honey, garlic tea; ACV face toner, CBD oil, “She’s Gotta Have It” the Netflix series , Parent appalled that daughter is learning about sexual orientation in Georgia school’s health class, New study claims that AI Facial Recognition software can distinguish gay people from straight people, Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature is outing sex workers, A conversation with the owner of Feelmore: Adult Store and Gallery, sex stores, community staples, Inclusivity of black and brown people in adult shops, community reaction to an adult store, growing a customer base in the sex shop industry, “our bullets don’t hurt” campaign, incorporating political beliefs into a business, community inclusion thru sex, dignity, respect and fostering a safe space thru customer service, gender neutral products, an adult gallery, directing pornographic films, how being black informs being a porn producer, porn distribution, challenges of being black in the porn industry, advice for folks looking to enter the adult commerce industry, business owner depression, Not interested in dating and thats okay, online dating, not being a catfish, dating is nice, national coming out day, owning your identity, Reconciling with past sexual relationship trauma in order pursue new, healthy sexual relationships, coping with trauma of past domestic abuse

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