EPISODE 86: A Sexuality Doula

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Naked mirror admiration, Samantha the Sex Robot molested, teen moms in Ohio falling thru crack in health care laws, Keyshia Ka'oir bathed Gucci Mane, House GOP uses Las Vegas tragedy to justify passing new anti-abortion bill, a conversation with a Sexuality Doula, stepping out of sexual shame, sex negative religious upbringings, purity contracts, sexual anxiety, working thru sexual hang ups, the journey towards sexual liberation, sexual counseling, how our deepest emotions effect our sex lives, Crystal dildos, witchcraft, masturbation guides, having a relationship with your vagina, deconstruct colonial ideas of beauty, Tumblr representation, making sexual liberation work accessible, sexy selfies e-course, how to fix a wandering mind during sex, being a black woman who is an entrepreneur in the sex industry

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