EPISODE 85: Hungover Heartbroken Hoes

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Sexual Assualt & Rape At Rikers:


Domestic Violence: 

00:37:32 - 00:48:05

Violence Amongst Children & Homoantagonism:

00:48:05 -00:59:58

Trigger Warnings:

Relevant Links & Notes:

Audio Engineer:

Don’t drink when you’re emotional, College in India lists 3 genders: male, female, gay, Hijra folks in India, Rikers Island Inmate used as rape enforcer for corrections officers, the Stanford Prison Experiment, Hugh Hefner was a sexist, manipulative, abuser, Oxford student stabs her boyfriend - deemed too bright for prison and gets a delayed sentence, Teen Bullied for being gay & Latinx stabs and slashes classmates, the atmosphere for queer kids in NYC, the glorification of bullying, Getting dragged around by an unsure partner, breaking up, over compensating for a distant partner, loving yourself the way you love other people, constantly falling back with an old partner, grieving, How to Find Black Love

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