EPISODE 84: Pretty Boy Ting

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Gay Conversion Therapy:


Domestic Violence: 


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White Male MAGA student fails to get classmate and DACA recipient deported, Brazilian judge legalizes gay conversion therapy in Brazil, #curagay, debunking conversion therapy, Albert Haynesworth, Domestic Violence towards men, Pretty Boys, A conversation with a feminine cisgender heterosexual man about the fluidity of his gender expression, assuming someones gender identity, getting cat called as a man, feminine relationship bonding, gay/straight male friendships, fragile masculinities, “pause”/“no homo”, admiring gender expressions, questioning and exploring ones sexuality, pretty routines, advice for straight men struggling with gender expression, break up glow ups & working out, Getting sexually harassed by the TSA, getting sexually harassed by a drunk white woman in the club, when your seamstress walks in on you naked, Listener updates, Keeping things casual, the real meaning of being unattached and unattainable

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