EPISODE 81: Blerds

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Setting aside time to cry and decompress, Fan grabs Cardi B’s ass without her consent, RIT’s Roo rape awareness presentation, conversations about consent and rape culture on campuses, Grapefruitting, Will & Jada, Black Nerds or Blerds, not being accepted into nerd spaces, racism and misogyny within nerd spaces, nerd validations & credentials, nerd trauma, nerd defense mechanisms to avoid social stigma, finding a tribe of pro-black blerds, special snowflake blacks, the convergence of hip hop and comic books, using white supremacy as a tool to deal with childhood trauma, violent misogyny in internet spaces, addressing the roots of some forms of hatred, the oppressed checking the oppressor, taking responsibility for calling out your privileged group, slut shaming black women in cosplay, dating as a black nerd, being a hot girl nerd accessory to men, loosing your sex drive, when your gynecologist goes ghost, HPV, advice on what to do (and what not to do) when your romantic partner is experiencing a bout of depression.

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