EPISODE 79: She Smashed the Homies

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NY Insurance provisions transgender patients, Texas “rape insurance” for abortions, aborting disabled fetuses, ableism, pro-lifers, Pornhub & pornstars, Millennials don’t like boobs, the appropriation of ass, man served child support subpoena in church, misogynoir & baby mamas, & myths around child support, Smashing the homies, shallow dating pools for Black Queer folks, when your girlfriends homie hits on you, getting cheated on, stalkers, cyber bullying, dating in activist circles, dealing with your partners racist yt family, sorority dating, sororities and homophobia, how to find sex partners when you’re a misanthrope, when your boyfriend helps you take down your braids one day and breaks up with you the next & how to address body insecurities during sex.

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