EPISODE 78: Introducing the Hoe Army 

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Kicking off season 3 of the Inner Hoe Uprising, Chika Oranika, Domyenn, Beyonce, Ashlee Marie Preston, Rihanna, Danielle Brooks, Stop being the strong black woman, A UK based transgender woman was locked out of her bank for sounding like a man, Man schedules 6 dates with 6 women on one night at the same venue, Lil Boosie’s post about getting his 14 year old son head from a “bad bitch” for his birthday, toxic masculinity, corrective rape, letting black children be children, having empathy for peoples experiences, talking to your kids about sex & the man sentenced to ten years in prison for accidentally shooting woman in the vagina, Our co-Hoe introductions, when your partner says your depression is getting them down, marking a new chapter in your life, moving into your boyfriends house, when you don’t passionately love your partner, fear of growing old alone, compartmentalizing trauma & figuring out where you fit into an exes life, Attempting to make your friend your friend with benefits and score a threesome at the same damn time

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