EPISODE 77: Trans Masculinity

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Trumps announcement to ban transgender people in the military, Trans Masculine dating, navigating masculinity and patriarchy as a a Trans man, passing, machismo, masculinity in the Philippines, femphobia, internalized transphobia, where to find romantic partners as a trans man, getting misgendered by LGB people, shitty white LGB people, Finding QPOC communities, model minority, queer sex parties & woke sex, pre op insecurities, gender dysphoria, binding, packing, strap-ons, taking testosterone, when to disclose that you’re trans, dating cis people, is it transphobic to not be attracted to trans people?, questions not to ask trans people, being a good romantic partner to someone who has depression and other mental health issues, Misogynoir whilst traveling abroad, How to know when you’re moving too fast in a relationship more!

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