EPISODE 76: FYM You Only Date Light Skins

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Light Skin v. Dark Skin & Internalized Racism, Kodak Black, Neglecting and protecting little black girls, Are skin tone preferences real? Are skin tone preferences okay?, stupid stereotypes about skin tone, misogynoir, video vixens, being bullied for being dark skin, resentment between skin tones, light skin privilege, light skin people not recognizing their privilege, West Indians & Africans v. Black Americans, “pretty for a dark skin girl”, oiled up melanin models, jungle fever, Black Israelites, Hoteps, fetishizing and sexualizing mixed children, passing, oreos, PWIs, playing the coon role, dating white men, dating hood dudes & more, Struggling to communicate with your partner, birth control & bodily changes, open relationships & self esteem, Getting your self into a dickle, smashing the homies, shitting where you eat & much more!

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