EPISODE 74: The Fuckboy Round Table

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Young Thug’s Charitable Act, Colin Kaepernick, The Que Dog Who Got Becky Out the Paint, Directory of Black Therapists,The Canadian baby without a gender marker on their health card, Former Surgeon Generals call for an end to “corrective” genital surgery on intersex infants, What is a Fuckboy, how to enjoy yourself as a single person, socialized into being monogamous, a brief tangent on race and privilege, the privilege of being born beautiful, fuckgirls, giving fake numbers, “I’m fine”, Blac Cyna & Rob, wifing hoes, when your partner smashed the homie, fuckboy tendencies, ghosting, leaving people on read, bad texters, side niggas who only eat ass, bomb dick and leave, having sex is laborious, Wesley Pipes, Sam gets dumped (again), Deciding between working on a toxic relationship and moving on.

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