EPISODE 72: Soul Mates & Twin Flames

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The Mother First who is a THOT directly after, PMDD, depression and what slaying can do to help your mood, Park Slope Threesome gone wrong, false rape accusations, Bill Cosby’s “Town Hall”, rape culture, The Bachelor rape accusation, the drunken grey area, Twin Flames & Soul Mates, energy eaters, turbulent relationships, men who ain’t shit, domestic violence, sex with a soulmate vs. sex with a twin flame, filthy sex, supporting men financially, paying on first dates, picturing yourself married, zodiac signs, cancers are crybabies, dick too bomb, long dick, cumming too fast, A baecation, Belize, bonding, giving and taking, having a support system, period sex, first time trying anal, anal orgasms & how to clean yourself out to prepare for anal, How to build confidence when you’re insecure about your body, affirming yourself, changing yourself (if you want to), learning to live with your insecurities & finding style guides

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