EPISODE 70: Swingers Anonymous

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SZA, “Friendliest” women by state, wasp nests for vaginal tightness, holistic medicine, proposing at your best friends wedding, yoni eggs, Kegel exercises, swingers, partner swapping, ethical non monogamy, swinger parties, foursomes, “the lifestyle”, soft swap, full swap, solid marital foundations, jealousy and insecurities while swinging, protected and unprotected sex, fluid bonding, online swinger communities, getting tested, communication & misunderstandings, nude beaches, comfort, taking one for the team, sanctioning sex with exes, penile envy, how to vet a couple to swing with, double dates, balancing swinging with home life, the hoe bag, single men at swinger parties, party costs, Hedonism Resort, Bowery Bliss, clitoral orgasms vs. vaginal orgasms, demographics, compersion, wild swinger stories, cum kissing, slurping cum, cuckholding & more!

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