Episode 225: Degrassi: Deadass, b

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On this episode ya'll are all” deadass this” and “facts, b” that -- but really, what was it like to grow up in NYC. Particularly, what was it like to grow into a sexual being in NYC?! Today, we’re talking all about sex, love, and dating as early adolescents and taking a look at a Netflix teen drama that claims to spill the real tea on youth in the big apple.

Youtube: youtu.be/eORTY2aJ1SA

We review the Brooklyn based teen drama Grand Army and reflect on our own experiences as high schoolers.

Topics include: Poverty prn, placing racist narratives on kids, unempathetic teachers, college acceptance papers and trauma porn, being outed, “casual” homophobia, the school to prison pipeline, sex education & pleasure, rape culture and consent

Love & Light to our Hoes of the Week!
Hoe(s) of the Week: Charieke R (Tasha Mack), m w (em Dub), & Cecilia (Aroacewithbadknees)

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