Episode 223: So what's the big deal about pronouns, anyways?

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On today’s episode, Sam describes why pronouns and treating our non-binary family with care is of great importance. Then we air a gender 101 and agender 101 segment from Rob & Sam.

We get into transgender identities, non binary identities, pronouns, biology, gender roles, biological sex, the animal kingdom and much more!

Relevant Links & Notes:

Merriam Webster on “they” as a singular pronoun: www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play…onbinary-they

The original, un-truncated version of 54 Genders or None: apple.co/3t8wRFM

“I Said They”, Robs ep on Whoreible Decisions: apple.co/2YaC4hU or youtu.be/LnnHyu8R2Xw

More IHU Episodes about Gender:

Non Binary Identity w/ Arrow Fitz: apple.co/2q1xUf1 & Spotify: spoti.fi/350Spaw

Intersex 101 w/ Babalwa Mtshawu: Apple: apple.co/2pDVMoy & Spotify: spoti.fi/37uQZHe

Two Spirit Identities w/ Quiahuitl Villegas: Apple: apple.co/2rrARFT & Spotify: spoti.fi/35J8z8P

Updating these show notes to include Weezy's of WD's post regarding their episode with Rob. This post was brought to our attention after emailing WD with concerns Wednesday morning: www.patreon.com/posts/47032609

Content warning: Rob and Sam use ableist language like “dumb” “crazy” and “stupid” throughout this episode. As a show, we’ve committed to no longer using this kind of language and apologize for doing so in the past.

Love and light to the artists who have lent their music to the pod! Our opening is a remix of “Queen S%!T” by SheReal (Shereal – 04-queen-s-t-produced-by) We also play “Everyday” and “Yeah Yeah” wavghxst (twitter.com/wavghxst)

Speaking Gigs:

Relevant Links & Notes:

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