Episode 202: Ya Don’t Gotta Go to College to Get More Knowledge

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The hoes chat about the racial impacts of climate change on Black birthing people, power play inside and outside the bedroom, how to date and practice self love when you’re Black in a sea of whiteness, some self care tips on how to further your education, PLUS a review of Disclosure, A new Netflix doc all about  transgender depictions in film and television.

Watch on YouTube: youtu.be/RUSK1zrMd6E

Self Care Tip: Educate yourself. Akua offers some tips on how to use continuous learning as a form of self care.

Fuck That (Currents Events): Akua explains a new study review that has found that Black birthing people and their unborn children are at a heightened risk of harm due to climate change.

A$$ Media: Sam gives a review of Laverne Cox & Sam Feder’s new Netflix documentary, Disclosure, all about trans representation in Hollywood. Plus a bit on voyeurism and courting culture.

Fuck Me (Our Lives):
Akua: Akua has learned that all therapists are Doms, is exploring what power play means one very day life, and has been loving Netflix’s Dating Around

Fuck You (Your Lives): A listener asks, how do I get comfortable in my own body and deal will feeling unattractive as a young Black woman in an all white space. Plus a discussion on body worship, masturbation, finding community and questioning internalized slut shaming.

Love & Light to our Hoes of the Week!
Michaela F (Willy), Stace (Stacia P), Marlee C (Sly), C Ring (C*ck Ring), Alyse U (All Eyes). Naomi M (Ayeeee Macarena) plus, Apple Reviewers SacredShame and TheDogWalk

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