Episode 194: Affirmations n' Masturbations

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Wanna pay us to speak at your school or conference about sex positivity, black feminism, or the other kinds of topics we discuss on this show? We’d love to! To book us, send us a line to ihupodcast@gmail.com

The hoes chat about Ramadan for queer muslims, venturing into the wonderful world of Only Fans, sex affirmations, harmful LGBTQIA healthcare legislation, when grief and horniness collide, porn binges, safe guarding our mental and physical health while on the frontlines of that Rona, and much more!

Hoe(s) of the Week: Chlotown Brown (Cholotown Brown), Stin K (Stinka), @IG_Hoodgoddess (Hood Goddess), Nigerian Hair (Camille), Tawiwi and Martini (Tawanna and Martina), Marissa L (Zoom), Monica P (Billiards), Kahlia P (Screwdrive), Emma (Degrassi), Lona Lyons(Lucious) and Lizy_gf

Bae of the Week: Creator of #ramadanqueerem 

Self Care Tip: Taking care of your mental and physical health as a frontline worker in the time of the ‘Rona

Fuck That (Currents Events): The Trump- Pence Administration is moving to Overturn  healthcare protections for LGBTQIA folx in the time of the ‘RONA

Fuck Me (Our Lives):

Sam: Needs some time to process trauma

Rob: Masturbation affirmations, Sex work, Sex and grieving

Akua: Porn Binges and quick mindful masturbation

Rebecca: Starting therapy and hitting up virtual meet ups!

Speaking Gigs:

Relevant Links & Notes:


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