Episode 193: Put ya p*ssy on Instagram Live, I'll give ya thousand dollas!

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Wanna pay us to speak at your school or conference about sex positivity, black feminism, or the other kinds of topics we discuss on this show? We’d love to! To book us, send us a line to ihupodcast@gmail.com

The hoes chat about conspiracy theories, sex work during the pandemic, MTV Cribs virtual dates, opening up about mental health in your relationship, sheltering in place with toxic family members, quaranting with your partner, and much more!

Hoe(s) of the Week:
Briana (Ballsanna), Jason (Vorheezy), Aurien ( an AUROAA ?! ), Shaun (Tell All),  Melini, Martini, Tougher than Nigerian Hair, Dr. E, Earlini, and Tawiwi!

Bae of the Week/Self Care Tip: Check out journalist Patrice Peck and her work covering how COVID-19 affects Black people.

Also check out In Those Genes, and their updates on COVID-19 from a science perspective.

Fuck That (Currents Events): An overview of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected different areas of sex work. Stories include:

Japan’s Red Light districts, German Brothels shutting down, US full service sex workers and new personal safety precautions, OnlyFans surge in membership, Influx of sugar daddies and babies on Seeking Arrangement, Instagram Live strip clubs and Respectfully Justin Show.

Fuck Me (Our Lives): Sam has once again created a fun virtual date idea…this time it involves MTV Cribs, and Rodecka talks about the importance of opening up about your mental health to your partner.

Fuck You (Your Lives):
A discussion on how to cope when your quarantined with toxic family members.

Speaking Gigs:

Relevant Links & Notes:


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