Episode 164: MWLF: Mother Who Would Like to Fuck

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Akua and Sam link up to chat about work day dates, a suspicious public toilet sex policy in Wales, creepy couples, PMS & universal basic income, dating while moming and more

Bae(s) of The Week: Kendra Austin @kendramorous

Hoe(s) of the Week: Lyan718, Tayo, Phillip M, Caroline Colvin, the shade room comments & new followers, and Darius H.

Plus Akua gives a recap of her Dating in the Digital Age panel, her Elite Daily article, and speaks about dating burn out and how to break awkward silences on dates.

Self Care Tips: Make daily check lists and mark down ALL of the things that you’ve done

Cute Date Idea: Work day with bae

Fuck That (Currents Events): A town in Wales is taking action to stop folks form having sex and sleep in toilet stalls and the hoes don’t like it! We discuss the anti-transient and potentially anti-sex work motivations behind the policy.

Fuck Me (Our Lives):

Sam: When PMS shits on your quality of life you take birth control. A rant on how people who menstruate deserve paid time off for it and that we could all use Universal Basic Income. Denouncing creepy couples and even creepier single men.

Fuck You (Your Lives): A recently divorced mother questions how she can get back in the dating game and Akua gives some very practical solutions.

Wanna pay us to speak at your school or conference about sex positivity, black feminism, or the other kinds of topics we discuss on this show? We’d love to! To book us, send us a line to ihupodcast@gmail.com

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