Episode 157: Pregnancy Loss & Rainbow Babies

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25 Year old Pro hurdler, actress, NFL wife and blogger Morgan Goodwin joins IHU to talk about her experience with pregnancy loss, cervical insufficiency, marriage, blogging, and healing.

Bae(s) of The Week: Rod & Karen, Juju Bae, & Ev’Yan Whitney

Hoe(s) of the Week: @LilyBellaMay & Lily C

Self Care Tips: Hang on to the thread

Sam’s Spring Summer Date Ideas: Go on a Star Walk

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): Morgan Goodwin shares her experiences with multiple pregnancy losses and her journey with reproductive health. Points of discussion include:

Marriage, endometriosis, miscarrying, inner uterine insemination, cervical cerclage, hereditary reproductive issues, life after miscarrying, cervical insufficiency, faith, abby loopers, trans abdominal cerclage, insurance companies, blogging, vlogging, the NFL, and much more.


The interview portion of this episode contains discussions on pregnancy loss and traumatic birth experiences. The interview begins around the 20 minute mark.

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