Episode 140: Meditation Before Masturbation (Tantra with Glamazon Tyomi)

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Glamazon Tyomi joins Akua & Sam to talk about her work as a tantrica and pleasure coach

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): What is Authentic Tantra and how can it be applied to ones life and sexual practice?

Points of discussion include:

Becoming a pleasure coach, What is Tantra?, What kinds of Tantra exist, Tibetan Authentic Tantra, people who commit sexual assault in the name of tantra, meditation before masturbation, Was Barney practicing Tantra?, trans folks and tantra, releasing trauma via tantra, yoni and lingham massages, letting partners know you are using tantra during sex, allowing time for foreplay, straight cishet men as pleasure partners, becoming a certified tantrica, is tantra a form of cultural appropriation?, why is tantra heavily marketed towards women, & sexual censorship online

Wanna pay us to speak at your school or conference about sex positivity, black feminism, or the other kinds of topics we discuss on this show? We’d love to! To book us, send us a line to ihupodcast@gmail.com

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