Episode 131: Virtual Reality Sex Education

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Virtual Reality Artist Leah joins Akua & Sam to discuss her art lab Motherlode and their work in VR sex education.

Bae(s) of The Week: Riesling Wine, Money & Nikeeta (QueerWoc), Diamond Stylz (Marsha’s Plate)

Hoe(s) of the Week: Meghan C, Molly D, Diamond Stylz, Sidney M, Julia C, Natalie, and Everyone who came to the Halloween Bash!

Self Care Tips: Listen to QueerWOC the podcast

Fuck It (Topic of the Day): Leah Roh of the AR/VR/3D Art Lab Motherlode talks to IHU about sex ed in virtual reality, WOC in STEM and the sex tech industry. Points of discussion include: Virtual reality labs, is sexism in STEM inherent?, VR World Smells, the importance of masturbation and pleasure in sex education, talking thru consent is like making a sandwich, compliment sandwiches, the gender unicorn, whats the appropriate age range for sex ed, How accesible is VR?, avoiding funding from places that don’t support your ideals, Are women in sex tech spaces too white? & advice for WOC and NB POC looking to get into art and sex tech.

Wanna pay us to speak at your school or conference about sex positivity, black feminism, or the other kinds of topics we discuss on this show? We’d love to! To book us, send us a line to ihupodcast@gmail.com

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